TelePax FREE Microviewer

TelePax FREE Microviewer is an easy to use medical image viewer aimed at non-professional users and radiology students. Although it is simple, it has an extended feature-set that you absolutely need to have. It is compatible with all modalities (CT, MR, NM, US, XA, MG, CR etc.), all manufacturers, and all DICOM 3.0 images.

Features and benefits

  • Easy to use with native Windows “look and feel”
  • Supports any modality and any transfer syntax
  • Supports also JPEG, JPEG2000, TIFF, PNG, GIF (read only), and BMP image formats
  • Support for Overlays
  • Advanced ROI selection tools (free hand, magic wand, eye-dropper, rectangle, circle, ellipse, polygon)
  • Statistical analysis on ROIs (pixel count, min value, max value, mean value, standard deviation)
  • Measurement tools (distance, angle)
  • Annotation texts and arrows
  • Interpolated (smooth) zoom and advanced zoom tools (e.g. zoom dynamic, zoom window)
  • Zoom policy (enlarge to fit, shrink to fit, fit always, keep zoom factor to next images)
  • File searching with criteria (patient name, study ID etc.), within hard disk’s or CD’s folders
  • Image orientation (flip, rotate)
  • Image and canvas resizing
  • Image adjustments (brightness-contrast, HSV, equalize, invert, gamma correction, curves adjustment etc…)
  • Image processing filters (blur, sharpening, convolution masks, min mask, max mask, median mask etc…)