TelePax® DVS


TelePax® Your viewing station in PACS & Teleradiology. TelePax®DVS is medical viewing software, which can be used as a full PACS workstation when accompanied with other add-on options. Also, it has the power of Teleradiology, as it is supplied with the state of the art TelePax® Hyperlink. The referring physician whether roaming allover the hospital or at his remote clinic can review his patient studies with the standard version or TelePax® Web solution.

Applications are widespread; Radiology, Cath Lab, Pathology, Doppler and Ultrasound, medical photography, Endoscopy, Nuclear Medicine. A big advantage is consistency of user interfaces throughout the hospital, where each department can use the same system


TelePax® DVS is a standard medical workstation. The TelePax® DVS supports display on single or dual monitors; additionally, it supports single, Dual and Quad 2MP, 3MP, and 5MP monitors. This comprehensive suite of easy-to-use image display and manipulation software, provides image manipulation facilities including Window/level, zoom, rotation, image annotation, cine, filters, measurements, and ROI. This software, in its basic form, supports transmission and reception of images with other systems via standard DICOM.

TelePax® DVS is available in two versions…

  • TelePax® DVS-Std Standard version.
  • TelePax® DVS-Pro Professional version.

TelePax® DVS has a very easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface. It runs on the standards Microsoft Windows on your PC. TelePax® DVS Designed to be operated by multiple users: radiologists, clinicians, radiographers, nurses and other healthcare professionals.



  • TelePax® DVS has built-in tools that allow you to work more effectively. Examples are ROI tool for fast W/L settings;
  • Its DICOM connectivity makes it the first choice for connecting, viewing and transmitting images from multiple modalities into an integrated PACS environment.
  • TelePax® DVS is the most comprehensive DICOM interfaces and can connect to virtually all DICOM compliant devices.
  • The TelePax® DVS can be used in a variety of situations such as review stations for referring physicians, on-call Teleradiology stations or gateway and data acquisition stations.
  • The TelePax® DVS supports single and (optional) dual monitors.




In a medical-imaging environment, the integration between information elements is very critical. By integration we mean integration between PACS components and integration with other information system such as HIS and RIS systems. TelePax® DVS has many alternatives for managing information flow and improving access to patient records. Using the Report Create Module, reports can be generated using in various programs, like Microsoft Word. Integration using HTML browsers is also supported, making the workstation highly versatile.