TelePax® AQS (Film Digitizer)

TelePax-AQS is responsible for acquiring medical images from non-DICOM modalities, and converting them into DICOM P10 compliant objects.

TelePax-AQS Film Digitizer supports inputs from film digitizers and other TWAIN compliant devices.

TelePax-AQS is used in your PACS or Teleradiology solutions when you have an old non-DICOM modality and you need to connect it to your Digital Imaging Network project.

TelePax-AQS is an add-on option for the TelePax-DVS.

Industry Standard

  • Open System Architecture.
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant.
  • Microsoft Windows Platform.
  • Easy and Flexible GUI interface

Patient Demographics

  • Patient demographic data can be attached to, transmitted, and stored with the images.
  • TelePax-AQS supports standard DICOM worklist, from which it can automatically add the patient demographics.

Data Sources

  • Film digitizers: TelePax – AQS supports film digitizers (Vidar).