Static TelePathology

Telepathology is the acquisition of histological and/or macroscopic images for transmission along telecommunication pathways for diagnosis, consultation or continuing medical education. A basic telepathology system comprises a conventional microscope; a digital camera mounted on a light microscope; a computer optimized for graphics; telecommunications link between sending and receiving sites; and a workstation at the receiving site with a high-quality monitor to view the images. There may also be mechanical hardware to allow the receiving pathologist to control the microscope from a distance and view the entire slide in ‘real-time’. The images are viewed on a computer screen, rather than through microscope ocular.

This means sending a case consisting of still images together with text information, to one or more receivers. Mails are sent as standard e-mails.


  • Off-line consultation over the globe using the Internet
  • Second opinion
  • Multi-specialist opinion
  • Competitive cost usage