TelePax PaxStore

TelePax PaxStore is an integrated software module providing easy and secure access to all of your medical images. It manages all system activities including security, data distribution, and data storage.

TelePax PaxStore archives images automatically and organizes the images according to your needs. It instantly moves the images from the online archive to the offline archive. It uses any storage media supported by the Microsoft Windows platform. All DICOM modalities are supported, including CT, MRI, US, X-ray, Cardiac, Digital and Computed Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiotherapy.

One of the great features of being modular a solution is that it enables low-volume sites to combine software modules on one server computer, while high-volume sites can separate server modules on multiple servers for better performance and load balancing.


Key Benefits

  • Advanced Technology PACS Archival Servers
  • Specializing in multi-terabyte redundant RAID hot-swap systems instead of older technology tape systems
  • Bullet-proof servers featuring redundant hard-drives (RAID).
  • Modular, upgradeable & scalable
  • Support CD/DVD Jukebox systems of major vendors


Your Data

  • A database management system (DBMS) provides a medium to store, exam and easily access patient data (patient names, demographics, exam IDs, etc.). Additionally, it controls the access and storage of the information.
  • PaxStore uses the industry-standard DBMS managing system to keep your database protected from both inadvertent and intentional damage caused by individuals.
  • PaxStore acts as a unique workflow manager for your entire hospital or clinical center. By using its built-in intelligent, rule-based workflow manager, all your work will be done silently in the background.


Archive Management

  • Support all DICOM 3.0 modalities and services.
  • Supports multiple media: DLT, AIT, CD, DVD, and RAID.
  • Stores images in JPEG lossless compression format.
  • Flexible indexing.
  • Archive statistics.
  • Built-in rule-based DICOM router based on business rules by Modality, body part, procedure done, exam room, or referring doctor.
  • Pre-fetching support when combined with HIS/RIS.
  • HIS/RIS integration through modality worklist.
  • HIS/RIS integration via Study Management Class.


Data Security

  • High-level security and data redundancy.
  • Powerful administration tool for on-line and remote control.
  • At the user‚Äôs level, only authorized administrators will be able to change or add system configuration.
  • At the client‚Äôs level, only authorized nodes are allowed to perform predefined actions (Store / Query & retrieve).
  • No data can be received from an undefined modality or sent to an undefined workstation.