PaxBox from startups to enterprise

PaxBox is a network for medical image sharing. It allows hospitals, radiology centers, practices, patients and referring physicians to archive, view, manipulate, post, process, and share their studies. PaxBox provides these opportunities to everyone, anywhere, anytime. We believe in building personal relationships with the people using our service; that is why PaxBox, offers flexibility and convenience, making life easier for you.

We cater to the needs of the individual offices, imaging centers, and hospitals and provide one medical image sharing solution that is compliant with Hi-tech and HIPAA standards. Whether your practice produces 5 studies a week or 20,000 a month, there is a PaxBox that is suitable for you. With pay-as-you-go contracts and customization options, PaxBox ensures you only pay for what you need.

With the full diagnostic tool set, you can read, view, share and report directly from the web. You have total control of your patient information. Share with your network of specialists with just a few clicks. Add or change permissions at any time. With our clean and intuitive interface, uploading, viewing and even searching for a patient is a snap.

Disaster recovery is another option and specialty of PaxBox. Whether you need an image management system, have a PACS in use, or need to back up an existing archive, PaxBox has a solution for you. Using our vendor neutral service you can upload your images.

Training for PaxBox is included with your contract; this applies to you and your team members, and it is performed at your convenience. Ongoing for the life of the contract, we will always make sure you stay up to date and informed. Using a webinar setting, our team will train your providers, clinicians and any users that will need to use the system. Because we have customers across the globe, and because we keep our relationships and business simple, we only have one contract. Every aspect of your PaxBox service is included in one service.