MedEx-RIS application is a proven RIS (Radiology Information System) that is totally integrated with TelePax PACS system.

MedEx-RIS software has been implemented in several sites and it is referred to as the first RIS system to support Arabic that is DICOM and HL7 compliant, and implemented using Web-Based technology.

MedEx-RIS provides clinical, administrative and workflow management functionality at a wide level. It shall contain all information similar (in its basic contents) to the existing system.

Your Benefits

  • Consolidated radiological examination profile of a patient can be built up as part of the patient’s medical records and inquired on-line.
  • Effective scheduling of examinations can be done.
  • Various statistics like examinations done by type of patient, department, and referring hospital
  • Enables you to project the workload within the various sub-departments and if required take corresponding corrective action.
  • Material management of films & drugs can be effectively achieved.
  • Patients can be educated through the pre-definable instructions associated with each examination.
  • Quality control within the department can be achieved by necessitating authorization for pre-defined exams on entry of orders and on entry of their results. It can also help in comparisons of x-ray diagnosis with referral and feedback diagnosis.
  • In advanced phase of implementation, referring-physicians may access their patient-reports using a secured Internet connection.


International Standards

  • HL7 Standards.
  • HIPAA rules
  • IEEE 802.3 Standard.
  • CPT (Current Procedural Terminology)


  • Web-based solution RIS clients can run on standard PCs using standard web-browser
  • Procedure based solution (CPT standards)
  • Workflow management
  • Online, centralized Policies and Protocols Library for easy maintenance.
  • Online help.
  • Comprehensive assistance at the touch of a key to help users learn and utilize the system effectively.

Main Functions

  • Integrated electronic data interchange Support for a wide variety of electronic transactions including patient billing, collection & claim letters, appointment confirmations and more.
  • MPI Master Patient Index
  • Front desk for interaction with the patients.
  • Patient Scheduling for new Orders / Appointments.
  • Patient tracking, Room tracking, Patient billing, Deliver films & reports, etc.
  • Technicians Module allows Technician to view today’s appointment schedule, review medical alerts, record observations and measurements, consumables, etc.
  • Reporting and transcriptions
  • Voice / Speech recognition module
  • Film tracking
  • Back office modules
  • Administrators functions
  • Inventory, stock control, and items tracking
  • Patient billing Includes individual, family, budget and cycle billing.

Security & Authentication

  • HL7 Standard.
  • HIPAA rules
  • Supports use access privileges and user group definition.
  • Strict users authorizations levels
  • Encrypted passwords.
  • Definition of user profiles with specific privileges and restrictions.
  • Suspension of log-in privileges after ‘n’ successive password violations.
  • Automatic user log-off after a period of inactivity.
  • Support for firewall, intrusion detection, and VPN’s.

Integration & Interoperability

  • Seamless integration with the TelePax PACS system.
  • Complete integration with other DICOM-compliant PACS systems
  • Complete integration with other HL7-compliant HIS systems


  • Accommodate the required workflow in the hospital.
  • Rule-based workflow engine.
  • Support policy-based management of file archiving in a way that uses storage devices economically and without the user needing to be aware of when files are being retrieved from storage media.
  • Flexible indexing.
  • Comprehensive search tools using search criteria based on the values (or ranges of values) of study fields of the database, combined using logical operators.
  • Handle queries from any authorized workstations.