Enterprise PACS solutions

TelePax® suite is the most comprehensive PACS solution in the marketplace, supporting multi specialties for images from multi-discipline sites, connecting multi-modalities, running on multi-platforms.

TelePax® suite is designed to provide a filmless environment, ranging from small radiology imaging centers, to radiology department, and up to enterprise-wide facilities.

TelePax® suite boasts scalability for flexible PACS configurations, compatibility for communicating with existing systems, and reliability for outstanding performance.


Key Features

  • Enterprise Connectivity: TelePax® can be seamlessly integrated with your existing information-systems. Capturing patient demographics from your legacy HIS/RIS, modality worklist management, processing orders and reporting results, and medical imaging through TelePax®, this will improve efficiency, increase equipment utilization and reduce patient wait times and data entry errors.
  • Multi-sites Discipline: Whether in your clinic, the office, in the ward, or off-site, with TelePax®, authorized users have web-enabled access to patient images, past studies, key RIS information, and procedure reports – all from a single desktop.
  • TelePax® suite is designed to match the exact needs of the individuals using the system: Radiologists, Technicians, PACS Administrator, Clinicians, IT Managers, and Hospital Administrators.
  • Multi Specialties: Today’s medical imaging needs are more complex than ever before. Our approach is to provide a single repository-driven solution for multiple departments. TelePax® suite addresses enterprise-wide needs of Radiology, Cardiology, Neurology, Orthopedics and more. Now referring physicians, cardiologists, radiologists, orthopedic surgeons and many other users within the enterprise may access important data using the same system.
  • Multi-Modalities: TelePax® the enterprise-wide PACS, can acquire studies from both DICOM and Non-DICOM compliant devices, whether your facility performs cardiac catheterization, echocardiography, CT, MR, Nuclear Medicine, standard radiography, etc.
  • Multi-Platform: TelePax® suite is designed to be truly “multiple-Platform” and scalable to meet your needs and requirements..
    • MS-Windows 2012, windows 7 and windows 10.
    • UNIX platform (Solaris).
    • x64 and RISC processors.