TelePax® MediaStore

TelePax MediaStore is 100% DICOM Compliant CD/DVD burning software that does more than just reproduce radiology exams on CD or DVD. It consolidates a patient’s demographics, study information, radiology images on a medical grade CD/DVD. Each media includes a MicroViewer which is a fully-featured, easy-to-use radiology image viewer which turns an ordinary PC into a clinical review workstation.

TelePax MediaStore is the ideal image distribution solution for a small medical facility and a great tool for residents and interns to create their own custom discs with anonymous patient data for case studies.

TelePax MediaStore is more than a CD/DVD burner, it is a self-contained image management system. Its searchable patient database maintains a record of each patient study recorded. When a patient name is entered, TelePax MediStore option provides a comprehensive record of all examinations which have been recorded on its system. It becomes an efficient primary or supplemental back up for both film-based and film-less freestanding imaging center.

With TelePax MediaStore you can…

  • Receive/Retrieve DICOM images( Storage Service Class Provider).
  • Archive your exams regularly (once a day, by vacation…)
  • Keep and store your clinical studies, education…
  • Store your exams
  • Deliver exams to your patients
  • Share your clinical cases with your colleagues
  • Printing of the images and the list of exams burnt on your printer.
  • Automatic management of the burnt CD/DVD