Healthy-IT is a one-stop solution provider in the healthcare IT industry. Not just utilizing the best available technology in its verticals, Healthy IT develops its own proprietary technology to establish superior stability and unmatched functionality. With 100% developed & owned source code, Healthy-IT ensures scalability without any dependency limitations. We believe technology alone doesn’t achieve your business goals, it is the hard work of our experts with your team utilizing our technology that make it happens.


“Improve every life we touch”

Whether you are a patient, medical provider or Healthy-IT team member, we will work hard to make a difference for you every day. We are just using the technology as the vessel to achieve our vision.


To deliver world class technology and services through developing and providing high quality products. We adhere to international industry standards as we cultivate a vital and growing company.


We understand the challenges facing our customers, and that is why we design our solutions and services to help our customers meet those challenges.

We do NOT sell to our customers, rather we partner with them so that we may better understand their needs and provide the right solutions; our customers feedback is a crucial component for us.

Our Differentiation

Technology, Service, Integration, and Work-flow Expertise that are combined to produce integrated solutions and services to meet customer satisfaction.

Best return on investment in integrated business and clinical work-flow.

Open Architecture solutions.

Our products are standards-based utilizing, DICOM, HL7, Agile, ... and more

Scalability architecture and a phased deployment approach provide cost-effective solutions that meet customer needs now and can grow as your business grows.

Our modules seamless integration, flexible functionality, Reputation for excellence and reliability through many years of servicing and integrating solutions.