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With the full diagnostic tool set, you can read, view, share and report directly from the web. You have total control of your patient information. Share with your network of specialists with just ONE-Click. With our clean and intuitive interface, uploading, viewing and even searching for a patient is a snap…


PaxBox® is a private network for medical images. It allows hospitals, radiology centers, practices, patients and referring physicians to archive, view, manipulate, post, process, and share their studies.


TelePax® Your viewing station in PACS & Teleradiology. TelePax®DVS is medical viewing software, which can be used as a full PACS workstation when accompanied with other add-on options.


TelePax® PaxStore is an integrated software module providing easy and secure access to all of your medical images. It manages all system activities including security, data distribution, and data storage.

Specialty tools

Thanks to our 100% proprietary technology, we offer a variety of seamless integrated modules for your daily use.

MedExÔäó RIS

MedExÔäó RIS provides clinical, administrative and workflow management functionality at a wide level. It shall contain all information similar (in its basic contents) to the existing system.


PACS Network Management and Admin is a 24×7 monitoring system available for all our customers to ensure stable performance.