Written by M. Hammady
Friday, 07 August 2009 11:43

The TelePax-Print Package is an option for printing to a DICOM printer. it is aimed at all radiology professionals who need to print digital images on a film printer. The DICOM Print Package makes it possible to effectively control the printouts on the TelePax workstation. It lets you select a suitable partition, i.e. the number of rows and columns, of the images and gives the TelePax workstation the ability to print on devices supporting DICOM Print Management SCP. The TelePax-Print has an automatic partitioning feature, based on the modality of the first image.

Key Features and benefits

  • Supports DICOM 3.0 compliant printers
  • Supports DICOM Print Management
  • Supports a large number of selectable partitions
  • Automatic partitioning
  • Background printing
  • Manual adjustment of the images before print
  • Printing of selected key images in a stack
  • Selection of scanograms that can be printed
  • Seamless integration with TelePax line of product

DICOM Support

  • Handles simultaneous DICOM associations
  • Supported DICOM Meta SOP Classes and SOP Classes:
  • Basic Gray-scale Print Management Meta SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Basic Color Print Management Meta SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Verification SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Presentation LUT SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Basic Annotation Box SOP Class (SCP role)
  • Basic Print Image Overlay Box SOP Class (SCP role)

Application-level features

  • Support Several printers , both local and remote
  • Load-balancing of print jobs on the available printers
  • Possibility of defining rules for forwarding the print jobs to selectable printers based on the following parameters of the DICOM print request: "Calling AE Title", "Called AE Title", "Medium Type", "Film Size ID"
  • Possibility of defining mapping rules between the film size formats defined by the DICOM standard and the common sheet formats available on printers
  • Possibility of inserting a custom image and / or text on the header and / or footer of the printed film or sheet
  • Possibility of printing the page number, in case of multi-page sessions
  • Advanced color management:
  • Support for Integrated Color Management (ICM)
  • Support for custom Brightness, Contrast, Gamma values to be applied under particular conditions
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